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Code of Ethics

SeneGence is a DSA (Direct Selling Association) Member. We abide by the DSA Code of Ethics standards and procedures.

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Summary Version of the DSA Code of Ethics

As a consumer you should expect salespeople to:

As a salesperson, you should expect a DSA member company to:

Ethics Initiative Videos

What Is Direct Selling? What is direct selling? Let us show you what an ethical opportunity is all about!
What Is Direct Selling? (en Español) What is direct selling? (en Español)
Intro to DSA Code Learn more about what the code is, and why ethical companies comply.
Product Claims Any claims a direct seller makes about a product must be truthful.
Meet a Direct Seller Meet a direct seller who is learning to navigate the DSA's Code of Ethics.
Product Buybacks Learn about the buy-back policy that all DSA member companies adhere to.
Cooling Off Learn how the "cooling off period" protects consumers from buyer's remorse.
Earnings Claims When recruiting someone into a direct selling opportunity, be honest.
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