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Customer AutoShip Program FAQ

Q: How do I enroll in AutoShip?
A: It's easy! If you have an existing SeneGence Customer profile, (user name and password), you simply log in to your Distributor's SeneSite or CDO site and click on "AutoShip". From there, click on the "Order" tab, then select "Add New Order" from the menu. Select the beauty product(s) you wish to receive; then order date and frequency. Next, add credit card(s) you wish to use for order payment. Once finished, click on "Save Order" and your order is complete. You will receive a confirmation email with every order and receive your product shipped direct to you, from SeneGence. If you do not have an existing SeneGence Customer profile, when you first click on "AutoShip" you will be prompted to create one.
Q: What products are available for AutoShip?
A: Any product or collection currently available for sale on your Distributor's SeneSite or CDO site (with the exception of limited-time promotional offerings) may be added to an AutoShip order.
Q: What happens to my AutoShip order if my Distributor becomes inactive or unavailable?
A: If a Distributor terminates (or otherwise ceases to participate in AutoShip) their Autoship Customer(s) will be transferred to another, participating Distributor near you. AutoShip orders will not be affected by the transfer.
Q: What if a product on my AutoShip order goes out of stock?
A:If a product ordered on Autoship becomes temporarily out-of-stock, a back-order will be created on the scheduled order date. Your credit card will not be charged until the order is shipped, on the date in which the backorder is fulfilled. However, complete promotional credit will still apply to the order, including for the temporarily unavailable product. Retired products will be automatically removed from AutoShip orders. Both the Customer and Distributor will be notified via email in either of these instances.
Q: What shipping options are available?
A: All orders will be shipped Ground only.
Q: What is the AutoShip product return policy?
A: Product returns are to be made to the selling Distributor (listed on the order invoice) who will then either exchange the product or request the product be shipped back to them if a refund is desired. A refund (if requested) will be issued (pursuant to the SeneGence product return policy) for the total retail product purchase amount, less a 10% restocking fee.
Q: Who may place AutoShip orders?
A: At this time, the AutoShip program is only available to registered Customers. Distributors may not place AutoShip orders.
Q: What countries is AutoShip available in?
A: Lower 48 contiguous United States only (not available in Alaska, Hawaii or offshore US territories)
Q: How many AutoShip orders may I have active at one time??
A: Unlimited! You may place as many AutoShip orders as you desire and schedule each at the frequency that works best for you, based on how often you use a specific product. For example, you may choose to receive your SeneDerm SkinCare monthly, but only receive your LipSense every 3 months. The choice is yours. And you may manage or change your orders at any time.
Q: Once an AutoShip order has been placed, am I able to change the order frequency or add to the content?
A: Yes, you may access the Order Summary section of your Customer Autoship Account and modify any order at any time prior to the next scheduled shipment date. You have the option to add or delete a product, change the ship date (either one time or permanently), or change the order payment method.
Q: Is there a cancellation fee?
A: No fees are charged for canceling a SeneGence AutoShip order. However, an order can not be reactivated once it has been cancelled. A new order must be created.
Q: Will I be notified when my order ships?
A: Yes, you will receive an email with order confirmation. You can always access the status of any of your orders online, in your Customer AutoShip Account.
Q: What forms of payment may I use??
A: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards are the only forms of payment accepted. In the "Payment Vault" section of your Customer AutoShip Account online, you can enter and store the information for multiple cards. Then you may choose which card to use as payment for any order you place.
Q: Is the credit card information I store in the AutoShip payment vault secure?
A: Yes. To ensure the security of your credit card information we adhere to the guidelines put forth by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) for handling, transmitting and storing credit card data. Our credit card entry page utilizes encryption ensuring all information you submit is protected from unauthorized access as it passes over the Internet. To further safeguard your sensitive data, all stored credit cards are held in a PCI compliant system that has achieved a Level-1 certification (the highest level of security possible). Additionally we will never display your entire credit card number on our site.
Q: What is the "First Kiss Program"?
A: The First Kiss Program is an additional advantage for AutoShip participants where you may select to automatically receive one of every new LipSense shade as it is launched. We occasionally add new colors to the line (approximately 6 to 10 new shades per year) and LipSense lovers will be thrilled to automatically receive new colors to add to their collections. First Kiss Program members will be notified and charged upon shipment of each LipSense product and will receive FREE SHIPPING with every First Kiss Program order as an additional member benefit.
Q: What are the benefits of enrollment in the AutoShip Kiss Me Club?
A: There are many great benefits to joining AutoShip!
  • You will receive your favorite SeneGence beauty essentials delivered to you without the hassle of having to reorder, at the frequency you choose
  • Receive FREE SHIPPING on every AutoShip order of $100 or more suggested retail
  • Place and complete three consecutive $100+ orders in a row and receive a FREE GIFT and with every qualifying order, beginning with your third order. Free gift chosen exclusively for you from the SeneGence product line.
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