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SeneGence Successes

Pamela Bennett

Sharing SeneGence's amazing products with friends, family and everyone I meet is my true passion. I can be anywhere at anytime sharing the career opportunity and beauty products. What an honor to be able to make a difference in people's lives while enjoying friendships and the freedom to empower myself and those that surround me. SeneGence has changed my life forever.

– Pamela Bennett, Independent Distributor, Florida, USA

Leta Greene

It's the little things that make you or break you - this is true with life and with skincare. Everyday I take care of my skin and I work my business. The rewards are great: amazing skin and a flexible career. Unexpected events in life happen and when they have, I've been fortunate enough to not have to worry ... Thanks to my clients who can't live without our products and my wonderful Downline team. I'm honored to be in a company that provides an opportunity for true success; to be a wife, a mother, and have a rewarding career.

– Leta Greene, Independent Distributor, Utah, USA

Jeri Taylor-Swade

I love what I do and my business is recession-proof. I don't think I'll ever retire! One day I'll be the oldest Distributor that SeneGence has ever had. We tease that we'll need to eventually have a SeneRetirement home!

– Jeri Taylor-Swade, Independent Distributor, Nevada, USA

Joann Connolly

I love the freedom and flexibility that a SeneGence career allows and I feel like I'm making the world more beautiful one woman at a time.

– Joann Connolly, Independent Distributor, California, USA

Kelly Robertson

While others are struggling with the current recession, I don't participate in the thought of a down economy. With SeneGence I've never been busier, because no matter how broke a woman is, she'll find the money for her lipstick and makeup.

– Kelly Robertson, Independent Distributor, California, USA

Dawn Christian

The products as a whole have changed my life giving me the opportunity to work from home, take care of my children, and not have to get a "real job."

– Dawn Christian, Independent Distributor, Oklahoma, USA

Dody Furst

I love all the products and I'm passionate about what I do. Helping other women to look and feel good and achieve their own financial independence inspires me everyday. This year I hope to reach the next qualification level and drive a SeneCar!

– Dody Furst, Independent Distributor, Nevada, USA

Linda Trevan

I've been a for nearly a decade Distributor and I would list SeneGence as one of the most important things in my life ... like my partner, my daughter, my dogs, my family, my friends … SeneGence gives me another reason to keep putting one foot in front of the other and gives me a purpose in life.

– Linda Trevan, Independent Distributor, Victoria, Australia

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